by Toussaint Tinctures

Sacred Waters Steam Therapy & Womb Care brought to you by Toussaint Tinctures.  Little Love Affairs Boutique Herbalist & Boutique owner, Lea Afia is officially a certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator with The Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute .  What that means is you are able to book a home session with us  where we bring the steam set-up to you in your sacred space. You can also book us for your girl’s night, pamper parties and wellness events.  But let’s talk a bit about steaming and what that really means.  

Why steam your vagina you ask? The womb is the center of the universe it is the center of where life begins. Despite the societal stigma against the menstrual cycle and overall women’s health, the womb and reproductive system as a whole impacts a woman’s whole body health, vitality, and general well being. Enter the vaginal steam.