Body Oil | Massage Oil | Apricot Oil | Grapeseed Oil | Organic 
1oz | 4oz

 This sensual body oil will relax your senses and excite your soul. Natural oil blend of avocado, grape seed, olive and apricot kernel oils. Arrives in a dropper bottle.


Lavendula Parfum- Lavender + other oils

Romantic Rose - Rose + other oils

Sweet Incanto - Sweet Orange, Jasmine + other oils

Smoke - Earthy scent of Tobacco and sandalwood + other oils

Vanilla Woods - Sweet and Woodsy Scent


Sensual Seduction- (FEBRUARY)- Ylang Ylang + other scents

Coco Incanto- Coconut oil, sweet and citrus scents

Scentillating Perfume Oil

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