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Experience the exquisite aroma and healing qualities of our cleansing, meditation and prayer tools. Sacred tools for balancing the chakras and enhancing your practices.


Sacred Nsuo(Water)

A personal botanical aide and anointing water that cools the mind and refreshes the spirit. Use as a mist on your crown, neck, face or full body to quickly reset your energy.



Sacred Nsuo Anointing Waters

SKU: ab12

    This anointing water cools a hot head, the overthinker and jaded spirits and those with complaints of the head/crown and 7th chakra. Its rumored aid Seers and clairvoyant people of pesky headache spells. It cleanses and protects your energy and uplifts. A great refresher for hot weather climates when you need a quick cool down. If in need of a full body plunge try our 5oz and add it to your bath as a spiritual bath. A mix of herbs, botanical waters & spirits.

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